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Six Ways to Cut College Costs Workshop

What parents need to know to save on sending their child to college

Hardcover Restaurant
15A Newbury Street, Route 1N
Danvers, MA

Seating is Limited. No Charge to Attend.
​6:30 PM – 8:00PM 

  • How am I going to afford to send my child to college?
  • What’s the best way to find the schools that offer the most aid?
  • Will my child qualify for financial aid?
  • What websites and tools exist to help me?
  • What are the different kinds of financial aid available?
  • How do I determine if a school is worth the cost?
  • Will I actually have to pay the sticker price?

This workshop is designed for parents and guardians of children in grades 8-12

College planning can be an anxious and overwhelming process for parents, and the consequences of poor planning can leave children saddled with debt. The reality is that paying for college isn’t as scary as tuition rates would lead you to believe. With some know how, you can drastically slash the price tag of sending your child to college.

At this workshop you will learn:
The six ways to drastically cut college costs
How to use a college’s Net Price Calculator to find out what that college will actually cost
The five sources of financial aid and which one  you should prioritize
How grants and scholarships actually get awarded, and which ones are worth going after
The difference between government and private loans and how to choose the best ones
How to find a college’s graduation rate and why it’s crucial
The truth about athletic scholarships and why they aren’t always as desirable as commonly believed

Join us for the workshop at the Hardcover Restaurant on Six Ways to Cut College Costs on Tuesday April 2nd.