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How We Work

Helping parents with their college planning is our number one priority. There are many pieces of the puzzle and we try to simplify it to find the best possible fit that the child will love and the parents can afford. We have successfully helped over 5,000 families with their customized plan focusing on two goals; finding a college that the student will love and that the parents can afford.

Our services are three-tiered:


Complimentary Consultation (20-30 minutes)

We will answer all your college-related questions:

  • Your Expected Family Contribution
  • Your financial aid strategy
  • How to maximize your grant money


Introductory Plan
(2-Hour Session)

The goal is to present a customized plan.

The plan will include:

  • Four year projected cost analysis
  • Thorough explanation on the diverse ways colleges offer their need and merit-based free scholarship $$
  • Recommendations on how to increase your scholarship $$ 
  • List of colleges offering you the best financial options
  • List of 75 merit/interest based scholarships (proprietary)


Comprehensive Plan: Ongoing

Implementation of:

  • A college cash flow management plan covering all of the tuition costs
  • Reducing your projected college costs by using our knowledge of all the legal strategies available
  • An unlimited consultation time through your children’s graduation date
  • Completion of the financial aid forms each year for each child
  • Assisting in appealing scholarship offers
  • Recommending the best college loans
  • Being there freshman through graduate school to support and modify the plan as necessary

Money back guaranteed if you are not 100% satisfied. Call us at 978-417-6335 to set up an appointment.
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