How We Work | College Planning Services
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Helping parents with their college planning is our number one priority. We have successfully helped over 5000 families with a customized plan focusing on two goals; Finding a college that the student will love and that the parents can afford. There are many possibilities to review.

Our services are three-tiered:
Complimentary Phone Conversation (20-30 minutes)
We will answer all your college related questions We will discuss:
*How the virus has affected colleges
*Your current college plans
​     *Your plans to pay the tuition bill  

Introductory Plan  (Two Hour Session)
Goal: To present each family with their customized plan.
The plan will include:
     *Four year projected cost analysis
     *Thorough explanation on the diverse ways colleges offer their need and merit-based free scholarship $$               *Recommendations on how to increase your scholarship $$
     *List of colleges offering you the best financial options
     *List of 75 merit/interest based scholarships (proprietary)

Comprehensive Plan: Implementation Phase (Ongoing)
We will:
     * Design a college cash flow management plan covering all of the tuition costs
      *Help reduce your projected college costs by using our knowledge of all the legal strategies available
      *Provide you with unlimited consultation time through your children’s graduation date
      *Complete the complicated financial aid forms each year for each child
      *Assist in appealing scholarship offers Recommending the best college loans
      *Be there freshman through graduate school to support and modify the plan as necessary  

Our Services are guaranteed and a money back guarantee if  you are not 100% satisfied.  Call us at 978-462-1666 to set up an appointment.

 If you would like a college planning phone consultation, please submit  your info below.

Complimentary Phone Session