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Great Questions To Ask College Admissions

We help our clients to know the right questions to ask as they develop their customized plan. Answers to some of these might not be readily available in catalogs or other publications but are integral in helping make the right family decisions. We use our 30 years of experience in helping to guide you.


  • What is the 4-Year Graduation Rate?
  • Can you explain how your merit scholarship program works?
  • How may freshmen usually return for the sophomore year?
  • Is housing available to all who want it? What is its quality?
  • Are under classmen allowed to have cars on campus?
  • Are classes taught by professors or graduate assistants?
  • Are highly regarded professors available to freshmen?
  • How available are the professors or advisors for consultation? Do they have regular office hours?
  • Is there an honors program available to freshmen?
  • How much technology is available to students in classes and on campus?
  • Can you take classes in your major area of interest during the first year?
  • What is the college administrations attitude and record regarding alcohol and drug abuse?
  • What are the major social and cultural activities?
  • Can you earn the degree you want in four years?
  • What is the security situation on campus?
  • How large are the classes for freshmen?
  • Will you get credit for AP or high school Cooperative classes?
  • How much weight is given the SAT in the application process?
  • What academic experiences are available beyond the classroom?
  • What is the accessibility and quality of recreational facilities?
  • What is the extent of influence of fraternities and sororities on campus social life?
  • Are there opportunities for informal interaction among students, faculty, and administrators?
  • How much academic support and advisement is available to students?
  • Are there appropriate special services available for students with individual needs?
  • What is the nature of dining facilities and quality of the food?
  • What kinds of financial aid are available to students?
  • What percentage of students receives financial aid based on financial need?
  • Are there employment opportunities on campus other than those in financial aid packages?

This list was compiled by Theodore H. Phillips, Ed.D., Director of Guidance and Counseling, Montville High School, Oakdale, CT.