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Maximizing College Visits


​Many families are not knowledgeable as to where to start the college search process with their children. We present this list as a general starting point.

Maximizing College Visits

  • Have a campus map
  • Develop a rating scale- to measure one school to another
  • Talk to an alumnus before you visit a campus
  • Speak with a department head (send a thank you note when you get home)
  • Dress appropriately
  • Ask for directions—frequently
  • Scan the school newspaper
  • Check the bulletin boards around campus
  • Eat in the cafeteria
  • Look for signs of crime prevention
  • Make sure you get the interviewer’s name and send him/her a thank-you note
  • Bring a steno pad or small notebook to each college interview
  • Keep a journal
  • Enter each interview with a goal
  • Avoid one-word answers if interviewed by admissions

College Planning Services offers you unlimited consultations to help you develop your customized plan.

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