College Planning Services - Financial Planning for College Students in Massachusetts
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Why Work With College Planning Services?

Every college in the country has their own unique way of offering their financial need-based or merit-based free scholarship money based on the Covid 19 pandemic.


Unfortunately, these formulas are not publicly available because colleges want to exercise discretion in their decisions and not create public debate on their free scholarship decisions.


College Planning Services, (CPS) has the most up to date information on how colleges are adjusting their formulas based on the effect that the Coronavirus has had on their individual institution.


These changes will naturally effect key decision points families use in making their college choices.  CPS guides families with knowledge, skill and competency to deal with the ever-changing events.
We guarantee that we will be able to save you a minimum of $30,000 per year. Money back guaranteed.

​Do you want to be proactive or reactive?

Financial Aid

Colleges have lost billions during the pandemic and they desperately need students as revenue. CPS knows the schools that offer the maximum about of free scholarship money that families are eligible for. These monies do not have to be repaid..​


​Colleges are projecting a 15-20% reduction in their freshman class. This will affect campus life from dropped majors to increased class size and the use of adjunct professors. Within three years the College Board estimates that 20-25% of colleges will close. CPS through our research knows this projected list.

College Loans

College students should not borrow more in student loans than their anticipated first-year salary, which is about $30,000 per year.​
The Direct Stafford Loan is a federal loan in the student’s name only. It caps 4 year undergrads at $27,000 (2020 rates 2.75%). Payback starts 6 months after graduation or leaving college. . There are about 10 private college loan lenders. (75% are unscrupulous.) Their rates are based on credit scores and are between 5% and 15%. College loans are not dischargeable under bankruptcy.

John DeLorey

John DeLorey founder of College Planning Services located in Newburyport, MA has helped  more than 5000 families send their children to college. Covid-19 has modified all the rules overnight. John, along with his dedicated staff, are current on all proposed changes and can help customize a college plan for your family. Contact John for a phone session to answer your questions.

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