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​How to Go to College
Without Going Broke!

Helping parents with their college planning is our number one priority. There are many pieces of the puzzle and we try to simplify it to find the best possible college that the child will love and the parents can afford.

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Every college in the country has their own unique way of offering their financial need-based or merit-based free scholarship money. Unfortunately, these formulas are not publicly available because colleges want to exercise discretion in their decisions and not create public debate on their free scholarship decisions.

CPS guides families with knowledge, skill and competency to deal with the ever-changing events.
We guarantee that we will be able to save you a minimum of $30,000 per year. Money back guaranteed.

Be proactive to save money!

Financial Aid

Based on 30+ years of professional experience, CPS knows the colleges that offer the maximum amount of free scholarship money that families are eligible for. These monies do not have to be repaid.


We offer parents support as they work with the High School Guidance Counselor, by providing them a one page college summary listing financial aid policies, acceptance rates, etc.  We strongly recommend 90% of High School students take a career assessment evaluation.

College Loans

Our goal is to minimize college loans by increasing their grant money.  If loans are needed, we will guide families to the loan that best fits their needs.  Federal student loans are limited to $27,000 over 4 years of undergraduate studies.

Complimentary phone session

John DeLorey founder of College Planning Services located in Newburyport, MA has helped more than 5000 families send their children to college. John, along with his dedicated staff, are current on all proposed changes and can help customize a college plan for your family. Contact John for a phone session to answer your questions.


Sending a child to college in today’s economy can be a daunting task. Having a college advisor on your side provides you with professional guidance that will make it possible for you to navigate all of the obstacles and road blocks.

“John DeLorey knows his stuff. He makes sure to find out the specifics of your family and what really will work for you.He provided good advice for both my college-age children…..”

Sydney J. Baily, Amesbury, Massachusetts

“When I first met John DeLorey, I feared I had saved too little, too late and college would be unaffordable. But, he expertly navigated us through the process of picking a college and paying for it……”

Anne Driscoll, Swampscott, Massachusetts

“Being able to afford to send our daughter to a great school – we couldn’t have done this without John. Well, we would have done it, perhaps. But walking through this landscape of land mines….”
Liz Vizza, Brookline, Massachusetts