Less Students Going to College? ​ | College Planning Services
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Less Students Going to College? ​

With the projected decline in high school seniors attending college in the fall of 2021, it opens a host of opportunities for these students to attend colleges that may have been a reach for them in the past because of the enrollment decline. The goal is to find that sweet spot – the college that has good academics and liberal free scholarship money to boot. The question becomes how to best research those colleges that meet the student admission criteria (things like big vs. small etc). The second issue is to do the research to know which of those colleges will give you the most free scholarship money, Northeastern is great but BU gives more free scholarship money. Since SATs are more relevant than before it would be wise to have a student take an SAT prep class. The reason is that if two students are exactly the same in the eyes of the college admissions officer, the student with the higher SAT score would likely get selected. Student athletes will get a big boost from the athletic department to admissions. Lastly, the college essays will be a critical component in the admission counselor’s decision.

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