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Applying to College In The Midst Of A Pandemic

​The college application process for the senior class of Covid-19 is clearly an adult research project. Too many seniors are rushing head first into early decision or early action to get the process over with. They don’t realize the problem is not getting into college but graduating with a meaningful career in four years. Research has shown that a low paying entry level job after graduation will stick with them for their working career. At this point in time, nationally, only 50% of college freshman will graduate by the age of 26. (see   A recent survey of 4000 college students said that 50% of them need a responsive mental health system on campus, 50% doubted the cost of college was worth it and only 33% said they thought the education they were receiving would lead to a meaningful career. These are staggering statistics.
As a starting point, here are four important steps that parents can take to help their child chose the right college that the family can afford.

  1. Insure the financial stability of the college that they want to attend
  2. Verify that the college their child will attend has a strong, active mental health program
  3. Decide, in advance, if their child is going to college to learn how to think critically or to earn a living
  4. Understand the financial aid policies of the colleges.

This is just a starting point. Contact me using the contact form or email me at  to discuss these and other steps you can take to insure your child has a good landing spot

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